We can all be part of the solution

A resident living near the fairgrounds shares her thoughts on the Ponderosa Arts and Music Festival noise levels.

Regarding the Ponderosa Arts and Music Festival

I would like to state that 4H is a wonderful organization that benefits families and community. I applaud leaders and all volunteers not only in 4H, but in all the organizations, clubs and programs in our valley. Without these visionaries and hard workers we would have nothing here, not only for our youth but other ages from 0-90+.

I question Mr. Hargraves in his inference of the 4H involvement with the Ponderosa Arts and Music Festival. I also quote from Mr. Hargraves’ letter that 4H “teaches our young men and women responsibility, honour, integrity and hard work.”

I question the responsibility shown by the organizers of the Ponderosa festival—where did consideration and respect enter the picture? I am not criticizing the choice of music, but rather the loudness of such, to the point it reverberated off our walls; we could not hear the TV at normal volume, let alone try to sleep. The bass thumped and blared forth until 2 a.m. each morning. Surely this loudness is excessive and not necessary to appreciate the talents of the variety of performers.

You spoke of volunteers. We have lived in this valley since 1949, raised a family here and have (do) spend many enjoyable hours helping out with the hopes of benefiting, encouraging and promoting our area and community.

These young entrepreneurs did come by and told us of the wonderful festival. Good for them to take the initiative to create something for the youth (young or old). BUT they neglected to mention that the volume would be so loud, nor that it would prohibit sleep until the wee hours of the mornings.

Usually we do not hear the functions from the fairgrounds: ball, rodeo, dances, family reunions, etc. The loudness of the Ponderosa Arts and Music Festival was harsh and as far as I am concerned, needless. What of that poor unfortunate family living directly across from the fairgrounds…with a sleep deprived infant.

By the way, Ralph, to my knowledge NO ONE mentioned cancelling the festival.

We can all be part of the solution by lowering the volume, and starting the programs/ performers earlier in the day to accommodate the many acts.

So let’s not just dream, but make it a reality.

Ann Rexin,

Rock Creek