The way the world is going

An update of the regional district's Solid Waste Management Plan this year will give the public a chance to give their input

They are talking trash at the regional district and they want to draw everyone else into the conversation.

They are now in the process of updating the Solid Waste Management Plan. “This is a super important planning document that we hope that lots of people will hear about and start voicing their opinion about,” says Tim Dueck, Solid Waste Management Coordinator for the Regional District Kootenay Boundary.

There are links to background information on their website ( now and there will be public meetings whether in Greenwood or Midway sometime in April or May.

“At that point lots of ideas will be thrown up in the air and we’ll see what people think about all of these ideas,” Dueck said.

According to Dueck, the regional district is tasked with managing landfills and the more control they have over the inputs the better they are at hitting their regulatory targets.

“So if we can control our inputs, which is basically a garbage can at the end of your driveway, that is a huge step forward in being able to manage garbage properly.”

“It is a regulatory requirement that we get better control of our garbage. This is the way the world is going.”

We have to get away from polluting willy-nilly. We can’t keep doing that kind of stuff like we have in the past.

Solid waste management plans are super, super important and Dueck says you often see people suddenly get into rooms because their service has changed.

Well folks, it’s here right now. It’s the time. It’s happening. If you are ever going to get concerned about garbage now is the time to get involved and voice your opinion.