RV park would put us ‘on map’

A Midway resident suggests an economic development opportunity for the village.

RE: Last week’s Midway council item on potential zoning change from residential to recreational RV near Frank Carpenter park and arena.

After reading the 2008 Ministry of Tourism report on recreation vehicle park development in full, it is my opinion that the Village of Midway would benefit if the lots in question were owned outright by the village as an addition to the existing Frank Carpenter Riverfront Campground. These lots border the existing park and could easily be managed and maintained with existing manpower and equipment through the Village office.

The income from the sales, rental and leases of these lots would allow property taxes for all residences and businesses in Midway to be supplemented.

Existing businesses would benefit from the influx of generally higher income RVers into the community!

Modern environmental and solar features could be incorporated into the RV zoned lots. These would add to our start as a sustainable village with a trend to healthy and smart lifestyle encouragement through our “Come to Play, Plan to Stay” slogan.

We show our love of environment with our community garden, local market gardens, lower and lower usage of dangerous herbicides, clean water, biking and hiking trails, etc. Now we can offer more people a chance to partake through a sizeable RV park which would put us “on the map” just the way the report states.

Midway will be growing with young families again soon if we have a vibrant tourist based community to encourage support services and businesses and all this is possible in a short time frame too! If we don’t move forward, we slide backward.

Heather Remillard,