A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE – Where did the fairies go?

There are benefits that come when the stud does stick to your dental work.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to travel the world then you could do worse than visiting the newest store in Greenwood—Brandi’s Sweets & Buddies Treats.

With candy from such far away places as Japan and England you can get a taste of other countries without the hassle of packing your bags.

The labels on the Japanese candy are a bit hard for an uneducated white guy like me to understand; mainly because everything is written in Japanese.

At least it looks like Japanese—as they say, “It’s all Greek to me.”

This next bit just goes to show you it takes all kinds to overpopulate a planet this size. I decided to Google Japanese candy and sure enough there is someone out there who dedicates his time to posting YouTube videos critiquing only Japanese candy. He has the appearance of being well informed – though this might be another case of my being overly confident in my fellow man. He certainly looks well read though – judging by the stacks of books piled all over the room behind him in the video.

Brandi’s Sweets & Buddies Treats also sells what Special K would refer to as some ‘wicked’ liquorice toffee from England. The toffee label says it is made by Walker’s Nonsuch and that it is England’s finest toffee. Fair warning though – this toffee does stick to one’s dental work but, if you are like me, this has the advantage of providing something for you to focus on for the rest of the afternoon.

Just like here in Canada they have strict packaging rules on the other side of the pond. What especially caught my eye was the message on the back of the wrapper that said in all caps, “ MADE ON A LINE WHERE NUTS ARE PRESENT.” Talk about an employee incentive program, eh!

I had heard other stories of labelling rules run amuck in England in the past. There was the company that wanted to call itself the Dragon Sausage Company. But their application was denied; it seems they couldn’t use the word dragon on their label unless they could prove it contained actual dragon meat.

Getting back to that Japanese candy video guy and his piling of stuff all over the place. I would probably feel right at home at his place.

I too like to use every piece of horizontal real estate in my house as a place to lay down whatever I am holding.

Special K had a system that seemed to take care of that way better than my routine. I think her method involved the use of fairies to get things done. She would often say that the laundry fairy had come that day or some such.

But I haven’t seen those fairies around much lately so the piles grow—perhaps it’s time to dig out the video camera and start trying to sound intelligent to the rest of the world on YouTube like the Japanese candy man.

Either that or perhaps I could just start putting things away as they come through the door.