Greenwood Council Briefs

Ball field requested for Bluegrass festival, new deal with Telus coming, sewer planning and two-tier electricity billing were on the agenda.

At their June 10 regular council meeting Greenwood Council gave permission to Randy Berg to use the ball field and concession for the Greenwood Bluegrass Festival from August 23 to 25.

Organizers had requested the use of the concession building too, but everything has been removed and stored in preparation for the work to be done with the $263,000 Community Recreation Program grant to upgrade the ball field into a multi-purpose playing field.

Councillor Darla Ashton reported that due to illness the engineering drawings for the new concession building have not yet been done.


Administrator Robin Dalziel reported that he is negotiating a different telephone package from Telus that, according to his early estimates, could result in considerable savings for the city.

“The net cost is going to be about $800 per month – but the one month that we looked at our bill was over $2,000,” Dalziel told council.


Council voted to support a study of the City of Greenwood’s wastewater infrastructure using the Provincial Infrastructure Planning Grant Program to fund it. “The study will serve as a guide to the development and financing of our wastewater utility,” explained Dalziel. The province funds the first $5,000 and then matches funds with the city to a maximum of $15,000. So a $15,000 study could cost the municipality only $5,000.


Council has forwarded a resolution to the UBCM convention in September calling on the provincial government to review the impact of the two-tiered electricity rate structure on low-income British Columbians, and amend the tiered rate structure to minimize the impact on those in our society who are less fortunate and have limited options to reduce their electricity usage.

See the Penticton Western News story on this billing system.