Congratulations Class of 2013!

Thirty-four students at Boundary Central Senior Secondary were handed their diplomas on Saturday.

Family and friends mingle and take pictures of the grads following the ceremony.

Family and friends mingle and take pictures of the grads following the ceremony.

With 34 graduates in the Class of 2013, the Midway Arena was packed with hundreds of onlookers who csame to witness and celebrate the 43rd commencement ceremony of Boundary Central Senior Secondary.

“Grads, it is your energy, your passion, your excellence that motivates me to do my best for BCSS every single day,” BCSS Principal Louise Bayles told the graduates, their families and friends. “You created an environment that allowed me to grow my entire person. Along the way you have made BCSS a much better school, and I thank you. Now it is time to go out, change the world and make it a better place. “

In offering congratulations on behalf of School District 51 (Boundary) Superintendent Michael Strukoff thanked the Kettle Valley Scholarship and Bursary Society and the many individuals and businesses that contribute to this and other programs that help the young adults continue their education. “You are just now entering the school of life where constant education is a must for continued success,” Strukoff told the grads.

Each year the graduating class asks an individual special to them to deliver a short address. The choice of the Class of 2013 was Courtney Wheeler, a former classmate who would have been part of this grad class, but whose family moved from the area.

“We all have the determination within us to help us achieve the great things that we dream about,” Courtney reminded them.

Jennifer Hoffmeister and Daniel Hoskin gave the Valedictory Address. Speaking for their classmates, they thanked the teachers, family and friends who supported them through their five years at the school, with special appreciation to Mrs. Bayles and Mrs. Lautard for everything they have done on behalf of their class.

Awards for top performance in specific subject areas by the seniors went to:

Senior English – Daniel Hoskin

Senior Social Studies – Christina Bergendahl

Senior Science – Jennifer Hoffmeister

Senior Mathematics – Jennifer Hoffmeister

Senior PE – Justin Boardman

Senior Art – Clint Elliot

Senior Information Technology – Dillon Smith

Senior Acting – Van Atkinson


Leslie Walker presented awards on behalf of the Kettle Valley Scholarship and Bursary Society (KVSBS).

Technical-Vocational Awards are given to students who will attend a technical or trade school next year. This year three were awarded:

–       $1,100 to Alex McQueen who graduated with an 89.143 per cent GPA and will be attending Okanagan College to earn an esthetics diploma and/or a writing and publishing certificate.

–       $1,300 to Brianna Elliot (89.571 GPA) who will attend Olds College for a degree in Agricultural Business.

–       $1,550 to Van Atkinson (91.429 GPA) who plans to obtain a certificate in retail management.

KVSBS academic awards are given to students who plan to attend a university or college and graduate with a degree. The percentages are determined by averaging the student’s marks in seven academic courses.

–       $1,100 to Christina Bergendahl (90.714 GPA) who is heading to SFU to work towards a degree in Criminal Justice.

–        $1,100 to Brielle Stent (90.714 GPA) working towards a Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree at UBC Okanagan.

–       $1,350 to Dillon Smith (95.142 GPA) attending University of Waterloo for a degree in Business Administration.

–       $1,350 to Daniel Hoskin (95.428 GPA) going to UBC for a Bachelor of Applied Science.

–       $1,650 to Jennifer Hoffmeister (97 GPA) planning to attend Simon Fraser University to earn a Bachelor of Behavioral Neuro-Science.


Daniel Hoskin won the Mike Downing Memorial Scholarship of $650.


The George and Sidney Kakuno Award – $600 to Jennifer Hoffmeister.


The Angela Shelli Williamson award of $500 went to Sean Manson.


– Grand Forks Credit Union – awards of $1,125 each to Jennifer Hoffmeister and Daniel Hoskin.

– Osoyoos Credit Union – $1,500 Christina Bergendahl

– District Scholarships are given by the provincial government to students entering into a technical, vocational or trades program; three awards of $1,000 each to Lukas Baxmann, Kena Manson and Clint Elliot.

– Heritage Credit Union – Member of the Heritage Credit Union with the highest GPA. $1,000 to Dillon Smith.

– Boundary District Arts Council presented a $300 bursary to Jennifer Hoffmeister.

– A Rotary Scholarship of $500 was awarded to Brielle Stent.

– Van Atkinson was recognized for her perseverance, leadership, motivation and determination to strive for excellence by Nova Scotia, the province where she was born – $800.

– Grand Forks Auxiliary to the Boundary Hospital was represented by Mr. Casey Van Leur who awarded $1,000 each to Alanna Baiton and Brielle Stent.

– Heather Hultgren Memorial Award – a new award, given to a student who plans to carry on to post-secondary education and who has given volunteer hours to the community of Beaverdell. The award was given, with tears, hugs and gratitude to Justin Boardman.

– Amy Harris presented Dillon Smith with $1,300 from the South Okanagan Minor Hockey Association as well as a $500 scholarship given by the Okanagan Mainline Amateur Hockey Association.

– Norma Howes presented awards to three long-time participants in 4-H. Alanna Baiton received $500 from the BC 4-H Foundation, Brittany Fillmore $500 from the Boundary C 4-H Club and Brianna Elliot $500 from BC Young Farmers and another $500 from the Boundary C 4-H Club.

– The Midway Community Association awarded two bursaries of $500 each to Dillon Smith and Brielle Stent.

– BCSS PAC awarded $500 to Brielle Stent.

– CUPE gave 500 each to Brielle Stent and Kena Manson.

– Aboriginal Education Bursary – $500 each to Nikki Schattenkirk and Tim Anderson-Markin.

– The amount put forward by the Kettle River Lions was matched by RDKB rural director Bill Baird. Three awards of $1,000 each to Jennifer Hoffmeister, Brittany Fillmore and Brielle Stent; and seven more for $400 each to Dillon Smith, Alanna Baiton, Daniel Hoskin, Thomas Galeazzi, Taylor Filgate, Sean Manson and Kena Manson.

– Royal Canadian Legion presented $1,000 to Jennifer Hoffmeister, $750 each to Alanna Baiton and Taylor Uyeyama, and $500 to Kena Manson.

– Tim Anderson-Markin was awarded a Selkirk College Secondary Graduates Award.

– The Boundary District Teacher’s Association bursary of $750 was awarded to Paulson Lautard.

– There were no applicants for the Ladies Fastball bursary this year.

Commencement ceremonies at BCSS are recognized by the graduates as special because the small size of the graduating class makes it possible for them to invite as many friends and family as they wish to come to share the day.

As the graduates come forward to accept their diplomas Mrs. Bayles shares reflections about each of them. When it was Dillon Smith’s turn she noted that he had remarked in his exit interview that the teachers were more fun when he was in grade 12. “Well I’ve got news for you, we’ve been fun the whole time!”