Clarification for Midway council story

A clarification of the Midway council report in last week's issue about the proposed expansion of fire services to the west of Midway.

The Midway Council Briefs printed on page 4 of our August 22, 2013 issue reported on an update by Deputy Clerk Tami Peters concerning the proposed extension of fire response to the west of Midway including Kettle Valley and Rock Creek areas.

A letter outlining the plan had been sent to property owners in the proposed service area by Midway Mayor Randy Kappes and Fire Chief Walter Osellame on July 31. A reply form was provided for those who felt they might be interested in more information about the fee-for-service fire protection proposal.

All those interested would have been returning the form.

The form also asked respondents if they would like to attend an information meeting.

The wording in our article unfortunately gave the impression that not everyone responding was in favour of the fire service proposal, which was inaccurate.

What Peters had actually told Council was that not all those wanting more information were necessarily interested in attending an information meeting.

We regret that our poor choice of wording may have caused concern or confusion.