4-H clubs prepare for fair

Members have been busy with parade, clinic and campout but no other events are scheduled until Achievement Day

Riders enjoyed this year’s Ranch Horse Campout

Riders enjoyed this year’s Ranch Horse Campout

by Olivia Schneider

On June 25 and 26, beef and sheep members attended a grooming and showing clinic at the fairgrounds with Darryl Comazzetto.

Members got practice and training on how to wash, groom, clip and show their animals. They also got tips on how to encourage hair growth and help maintain the animal’s posture in the show ring.

On July 1, Boundary C members participated in the Rock Creek Canada Day parade. Some rode on a wagon, bikes or horses while others carried flags and banners. Activity committee members set up and ran children’s games before the barbecue at the medical clinic.

The annual Ranch Horse Campout was held in Rhone on July 22-24. Families arrived Friday evening and a few enjoyed a sweat lodge by the river while others sat around the campfire.

By 9:15 Saturday morning, 16 riders were tacked up and ready to go. They followed old forest service roads up into newly logged areas on the back side of Rhone Mountain where they stopped for lunch by Chenier Lake.

The route continued south through logged cut blocks and down one of leader Doug Fossen’s “short cuts” into a creek bottom and back up, finally rejoining the Conkle Lake Rd. at about 10 kilometres. After almost eight hours on the trail the group had completed about a 30 kilometre circuit and all were ready for a dip in the river and a delicious group supper and visiting around the campfire.

Sunday, members and parents had fun racing their horses in the open field and then cooling off with a walk across the river. All participants enjoyed the weekend and look forward to next year and another great ride.

There are no other events scheduled this summer but members will be working at home with their projects in preparation for Achievement Day at the Rock Creek Fall Fair this Sept. 17 – 18 and for Provincial Winter Fair in Barriere the following week.