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Local Government Elections 2018: Presenting the Greenwood council candidates

The candidates running for City of Greenwood council.

Presenting, the seven candidates running for four City of Greenwood council seats.

Timothy Arnell

Well hello there.

My wife Carol and I are empty nesters, we moved to Greenwood in 2009 from the Okanagan with great hope in the potential of Canada’s smallest city.

I am a lifelong fine and commercial artist/designer and graduate of NAIT’s Graphic Communication Technician program (’91) . My first gig out of NAIT was running the art department of a graphic design/publishing house in Edmonton, followed by an internship at Alberta Culture Historical Sites Service (graphics and display, art and graphics in support of the province’s historical sites and museums) which was interesting but I found projects in the freelance field far more to my liking. As a freelancer I have designed and created the gambit of product in the graphics field from business cards, super-boards/murals and entrance signs to custom airbrushed auto paint. As a fine artist I weld, carve, sculpt, mold, cast and fabricate in a variety of materials and substrates.

Through design thinking, creative implementation of study and research I uncover and solve problems known and un-known. The 35 years I’ve been successfully doing this gives me a unique prospective and skill-set that are applicable across the spectrum.

Since we arrived in Greenwood I’ve done my best to meet everyone, have done some community volunteer work, donated a custom mural to the museum and taken the following three accedited Mooc’s as they directly relate to our community: Geo-Design, Arts and Culture Strategies & Design: Creation of Artifacts.

I bring to the table; design thinking and methodology, problem solving, vision, idea’s, creativity and drive, I’m eager to contribute and certain I can help.

In short, I’d be honored to represent your voice on Greenwood City Council.

John Bolt

My name is John Bolt, I’m 54 years old, married 25 years to my wife, Marietta. We moved to Greenwood two and a half years ago. We were drawn to Greenwood by its small city charm, downtown shops and restaurants, and affordable housing.

We bought a commercial building with apartments downtown and fell in love with this 1898 historic building. After listening to numerous requests from the locals to open up a store, we opened Greenwood Buck and Up Variety Store two years ago. We have enjoyed working in the store and adjusting the inventory to meet Greenwood’s needs.

I have over 30 years experience in the autobody industry and owned a successful shop for 18 years. I enjoy problem solving, work well with others, and I believe in fiscal accountability.

Recently a number of people have asked me to run for Council, as I am willing to speak up when things aren’t right, and do my best to find solutions to problems.

I believe change is possible, and it needs to happen in Greenwood. We need a city and a Council that has a vision for future development, job creation, support for seniors, and meets the needs of the people of Greenwood. I think that government in this day and age must be transparent, honest, and financially responsible.

As you can see, I do listen to what people say. I’m running for Council because I believe the average person does have a voice, can be heard, and must make a difference.

I would be happy to serve Greenwood as a councilor.

Lee Cudworth

My name is Lee Cudworth and I am running for re-election to the Greenwood City Council.

Greenwood has a promising future.

I love this area.

My family - on both sides - showed up in the Boundary over 100 years ago and we have been here ever since. Our roots run deep.

I know this area well and most of you know me. However, I am happy to see quite a few new faces around town and I extend my greetings to them.

Now retired, after a successful business career, I understand what is required to manage and to help our city go forward.

This past term I was very impressed with how our Council and our staff ended up working as a team. We made great progress.

I started as a logger and ended up owning a very large logging company. Over the years I employed many local workers.

I have a track record of proven community spirit.

I used to put on logging shows for the area. I donated workers and equipment to make some of the Phoenix Mountain ski runs.

I donated uniforms for local minor ball teams.

Along with our current Mayor Ed Smith I was a founding member, and now sit on the board as director, of the West Boundary Community Forrest.

As an organization we have given $700,000 dollars to both Midway and to Greenwood.

On council, along with running the day to day business, our job it to create a strong foundation to attract and accommodate new citizens and new businesses.

I am a team player – I have the experience – I know the area – I know how to listen. I know the value of money and I know how to count it.

On Oct. 20 please support me, Lee Cudworth.

Colleen Lang

My name is Colleen Lang and I have lived in Greenwood for forty three years. I am married and I have two wonderful daughters and blessed with eight grandchildren.

I have twenty two years experience on city council. Elected as Councilor 1996-2002, elected as Mayor 2002-2011 and re-elected as Councilor 2011-2018. Thank you to the electorate for placing their trust in me.

I am currently president of the Greenwood Community Association. Vice-president of the Greenwood Improvement Society and Secretary of the Greenwood Heritage Society. I have always had admiration for volunteers, not because I am one but because volunteers are the back bone of our community.

Without the volunteers we would not have events, entertainment and so many other things that we take for granted. The Greenwood Fire Department. Greenwood Seniors drop-in Centre. Museum Visitor Centre and Archives, the Legion, Public Library, Kettle River Art Club and the Community Hall are all run by dedicated, diligent volunteers. There are other groups and individuals who have contributed time and effort in sponsoring or assisting events and making Greenwood a wonderful place to live. They all work well together and have assisted the City of Greenwood immensely over the years. Thank you! You are all to be commended for a job well.

I care about Greenwood and I want our community to be a safe, healthy and vibrant community to raise a family and retire in. I have always been a team player with a pro-active approach and lead by example in a fair and unbiased manner.

I value all the partnerships with various stakeholders and community groups. As a member of council I am proud of all accomplishments. This past two years with a full team we were very successful obtaining grants that enabled us to do some major projects with very little cost to the municipality.

On Oct. 20 I am seeking your support for re-election as would like to continue with a team that will move Greenwood forward.

It is imperative that there be respect, knowledge, continuity and experience at the table. Together we can make a difference.

Jim Nathorst

Hello, my name is Jim Nathorst. I am seeking re-election as councillor on Oct. 20. I was elected in a by-election on June 18, 2016. My current duties on council include: Staff Hr. Rep., director on the Interior Health Board. I have been attending council meetings since 2006 and I feel this is one of the best functioning councils to date. Everyone on the current council is seeking re-election and I would be honored to be a part of that team.

Key projects I would like to work towards in the next four years are as follows:

• Develop new campground.

• Complete diking project.

• Develop a long-range repaving program throughout our city.

• Continue with our downtown beautification.

• Develop a program that sells Greenwood as a great place to live and work.


• Resident of Greenwood since 2006.

• With my partner owned the Copper Eagle and the Pacific Grill.

• Board of Trade member since 2006 - served several years as president.

• Sit as Director on Community Futures

• 30 years employed with SD#86 and SD#62 in management roles.

I am fully retired and have the time and the passion to do what I can to help move Greenwood forward. I am honest and a team player. I would be honored to be reelected as your councillor on Oct. 20.

Rob Payne

Born and raised in Penetanguishene, Ont., located on Lake Huron, I moved to British Columbia in my early twenties. Not long after moving to B.C. I volunteered with an non-governmental organization and began working overseas. I have been fortunate enough to live in Nepal, India, Ecuador and Thailand, helping people there with housing, fresh water, proper sanitation, education and employment.

Returning to British Columbia in September 2010, and having very close friends, well family really, already living here, Greenwood was to become home. In February 2011, I was hired by Boundary Electric as a high voltage transformer technician and continue to be employed in this capacity as well as shop foreman.

While living here I have coached kids baseball teams as well as the ladies fast pitch team. I have coached kids soccer in the Boundary League and I have been an active part of Boundary Minor Hockey for several years both as a coach and on the Board of Directors and continue to do so. I have also been a part of the Recreation Committee for the City of Greenwood.

Greenwood is my home and I am committed to investing in the future of this beautiful city. I look forward to the opportunity to represent you, the residents of the city of Greenwood with honesty, openness and integrity! On Oct. 20 put an X next to Rob Payne!

Gerry Shaw

I am Gerry Shaw and I am running for re-election as city councilor.

I have lived in Greenwood and surrounding area for over 29 years. My wife Christi and I have been privileged to raise our family here. We owned and operated Greenwood Race Trac Gas for 18 years and have recently sold. We retained the automotive, towing and metal recycling portion of the business. We have a genuine desire to see Greenwood grow in a positive way.

My experiences include:

• working in production as an employee and a manager, also involved in union collective bargaining

• working over 30 years in the automotive industry

• President of the Board of Trade, Master of the King Edward Lodge, board member on hockey and soccer associations.

• Volunteering 16 years as a community coach. Teaching kids skills of the game, importance of team spirit, working together as a strong group and how it affects all aspects of their lives.

Our cooperative council has implemented these major improvements for Greenwood over the last two years.

• Received over $4.5 million from the provincial and federal government invested into our communities infrastructure using less than $200,000 of local taxpayers money.

• Received large dividends from our community forest.

• Implemented an asset management plan to identify and prioritize maintenance requirements, replacement of equipment and long-term planning of projects.

• Actively looking for solutions to our flooding issues as well as preparing for a wildfire protection plan.

• Re-written old bylaws to current standards.

• Managed to decrease tax debt owed to the city by over $100,000 through good management and payment plans.

Long-term projects include:

• proposals for community campground upgrade

• affordable seniors housing,

• replacement of recreational equipment

• safe and up to date playground equipment.

I will happily continue to contribute to and am prepared to work as a team for the citizens and the City of Greenwood.

A vote for Gerry Shaw is a vote for financial responsibility, a strong commitment to community spirit and a continued fresh outlook to council. I believe openness and transparency is the key to good governance.