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Ties declared in contest

Winners are announced for holiday light up contests in two West Boundary communities.
Colleen Fraser (left) Ron Pearson

We made an unfortunate error in our December 25th edition. We got it wrong when naming the 3rd place – Greenwood residential light up contest winners.

To correct the record - the 3rd place winner for the residential light up in Greenwood is:  Mike and Maureen Prystae. We regret the error.


Winners of the Greenwood Christmas tree light up were announced on Saturday at City Hall. On behalf of the Greenwood Board of Trade, Colleen Fraser and Kim Kinakin made sure hot chocolate was available.

The business category, sponsored by the BOT, resulted in a tie for first place between Deadwood Junction and Motherlode Ice cream Bistro. They split the pot for first, second and third— taking home $52.50 each.

The City of Greenwood sponsored the residential light up, also ended in a tie for first. It was between Ron Pearson and Chris Dawson(692 Strathmore) and Doreen McLean (197 N. Kimberley). They won $40 each. Mike and Maureen Prystae at 384 Marguerite took third place, winning$25.

Honourable mention went to the City of Greenwood and its public works employees for their lighting of City Hall, which received a vote but was taken out due to ‘conflict of interest’ as the City of Greenwood was also one of the events organizers.


Discover Rock Creek has picked winners of their holiday lights display too. First place and$100 goes to Cliff and Carrol Perrun (5245 Highway3, Rock Creek), second prize of $50 to Bonnie and Harold Edstrom (4120 Kettle Valley Rd, Rock Creek) and third ($25) to Vern Kroker.