Take a step back into the roaring ‘20s

The Boundary Theatre Group has been preparing a new production that will hit the stage in Bridesville and Midway this spring.

The Boundary Theater Group is back with another original musical production written and performed only for those lucky enough to live here. The Speakeasy is a new play from the people who brought you Chickens, Boundary 1 & 2, Ratz of Titanic and Bo Nanza.

Back in the twenties with prohibition in full stride, Big Al’s place was the hottest gin joint in town, with the rich and famous spending a lot of time and money dancing, playing cards and enjoying a glass of imported hootch. Everything was going smooth until New Year’s eve 1929, when something happened that would change the future of all involved. Now, year’s later there is hardly anyone who knows what occurred that fateful night save for one lost soul who has all but gone mad. Long after the ghosts of the Speakeasy are locked in an uneasy state of limbo, all stuck waiting for something but not certain of what. The Speakeasy is an interesting look into an era that has few first hand witnesses left.

Come and join us as we peer into the roaring twenties and see just what life was like back then. With 6 original songs written for the production and a standard or two thrown in for good measure.

The Speakeasy will take the stage April 11th & 12th at Bridesville Hall for a dinner theater spectacular.

This event will be a fundraiser for the Bridesville Community Club and the Rock Creek Medical Society.

Tickets will go on sale in mid February and will not last long. The last play the group did in Bridesville sold out the first two shows in 4 days, so don’t delay!

If you would like to order tickets please call 250-446-2942.