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Pair plans to beautify

The Bridesville Downtown Revival Committee and the Bridesville Water Works Board are joining together to spruce up the town.
Linda Scott-Slaughter and Eric Linden pose for a picture at Linden’s front garden in downtown Bridesville.

Neighbours Linda Scott-Slaughter and Eric Linden have joined forces through the Bridesville Downtown Revival Committee and the Bridesville Water Board to beautify the township.

They have plans to paint the hydrants through the community and Linda has put in a cat park that serves to keep the felines out of her own garden and gives them a place to grab a drink.

“Downtown improvements are happening,” Linda said. “We are trying to beautify the place.” Eric is now in his third year of living in Bridesville, having moved from the Penticton condo he found himself in upon retirement. He said his Bridesville property gives him the space he needs for his retirement projects.

Over the long-term he sees the history of the area as something that might be developed to give tourists a reason to stop and perhaps bring some business back to the town. “In the meantime we want to bring a bit of colour and care to the town,” Eric said.

“It’s all about these kids and keeping them safe,” Linda added, as a couple of youngsters rode by on their bicycles. She said the revival committee and the water board are planning to hold yard sales this summer with proceeds going to the cause.