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Midway vies for Kraft Hockeyville

There is a push on for the next to weeks to encourage local hockey fans to tell why they think the Midway arena should be Hockeyville.

Midway is going back into the running for a shot at being Hockeyville.

Local organizer Jenny Simmonds is inviting local folks to submit stores online about why they think Midway should be Hockeyville.

This year the prize structure has been changed, with a total of $1 million going to 16 communities across Canada.

“It is time to show how the arena and hockey bring us together as a community - learning about each other, from each other,” said Simmonds.

To submit a letter on behalf of the local hockey arena you should check out

There are easy to follow guides on how to write your story and promote your community and how to present your case for making the Boundary Expo Recreation Centre the next Hockeyville arena.

The deadline for submissions is February 9th.