Introducing Sean Manson

In conversation with members of the BCSS Class of 2013.

Sean Manson and her twin sister Kena were born in England and came to Rock Creek when they were two.

Sean leapfrogged over a lot of likely very important parts of her bio when she summed the next 18 years up by saying, “Then I just grew up in Rock Creek.”

Following graduation in June, Sean and her boyfriend plan to move to Cranbrook where they will work before moving on to Lakeland College in Vermillion, Alberta.

Sean is enrolled in the one-year Veterinarian Medical Assistant Program. “I’ve kind of always wanted to go into that field of work,” she admitted. “Either as a vet or a vet assistant.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with animals,” she said, adding that she’d like to work in a clinic that deals with both small and large animals, but if it comes down to either/or, she’ll take the big animals.

Sean loves outdoor activities like hunting and snowmobiling; but she especially enjoys working with horses. The family business in Rock Creek is Percherons.

In 2010 that business took Sean and her family, including Kena, brothers Wyatt and Garret, and parents Jodi and Garth Klein to the Alberta Draft Horse Classic in Olds, Alberta to help friends from the Jackson Fork Ranch in Bondurant, Wyoming as they prepared a team for the Calgary Stampede a week later.

From there Sean and Kena began a dream summer vacation as they were asked to join the Jackson Fork crew for the Stampede where Jackson Fork won all the hitch classes that year.

After the Stampede Kena went on to work for Carlaw Clydes in Cranbrook, helping them compete at the PNE.

Meanwhile Sean continued to work on the 2010 world class heavy horse circuit, taking in such sights as the National Clydesdale Show at the Wisconsin State Fair, National Percheron Show at the Indiana State Fair and the Scott County Fair in Jordan, Minnesota.

Her experiences served her well and in 2011 she returned to the circuit competing at the Stampede, the PNE, in Rock Creek and Lloydminster.

Her “doing-what-I-love-for-a-job” lifestyle is continuing this summer too. She’s already been hired to work a season in agribusiness at the Fort Steele Heritage Park in Cranbrook.

Sean said that after Lakeland she’ll “hopefully” find a job. From the look of her resume and the network she’s built so far, she won’t have any trouble at all.