Introducing Emma Geen

In conversation with members of the BCSS Class of 2013.

Emma Geen

Emma Geen

Class of 2013 graduate Emma Geen wrote in her grad transition file that, “…the challenges of being in a class room helps build personality and gets you prepared for college or university. Unlike elementary, it trains you to be independent…”

“When I first came into grade eight I was really shy,” recalls Emma. “Over the years I have become more open and now I know what I want to do and I am more independent.”

When interviewed for this story, Emma had applied for a summer job landscaping at Willow Springs Ranch. “My mom does a lot a lot of gardening and I’ve always gardened with her,” she says enthusiastically. “I love doing that.” She has fond memories of the time she worked at Neufeld’s and Burns’ greenhouses when she was younger.

The fact that Emma is the oldest of six children must have helped shape her personality. “I’m not one for being alone. I’ve been around kids and people my whole life and I’d like it to stay that way.”

She has lived in Rock Creek all of her life. “I grew up on a ranch so being outdoors is more natural to me.” Working outside would be most desirable, but beyond that she’s not settled on a career path – though landscape design and photography both call out to her.

But she is definite that she wants a steady job that will allow her to travel to Norway to visit family and to England to visit the English. “I have always wanted to go to England.”

When asked her favourite courses at BCSS she answered without hesitation – photography and sustainable resources.

Emma has been on the ladies ball team for four years and has volunteered as an assistant coach on her dad’s little league team. She’s also volunteered her time to local photographer Nicole Ferrier as a model.

A member of the BCSS Spirit Club since grade eight, Emma is a generous and caring person. When a friend’s family faced the challenge of having multiple family members hospitalized at the same time this past winter Emma helped them meet the challenge by organizing a community fundraiser.

In the long term Emma sees herself with a steady job, preferably in landscape design. “I’d like a job where I am busy a lot. I am also quite flexible, I’d be happy with anything as long as it involves people.”