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Introducing Brandon Millett

In conversation with members of the Class of 2014 as they prepare for graduation.
Brandon Millett

He built his first fuel cell by the time he was out of high school—how cool is that!

Class of 2014 grad Brandon Millett has a hydrogen fuel cell project that he plans to enter in the science fair this spring.

He says his favourite classes are the sciences and, of all of the sciences, physics tops the lot.

“I enjoy designing and building things,” said Brandon. He’s already applied at UBC. “Because you can get all your schooling right there— bachelors and masters degree.”

His plans for now look toward a career in mechanical engineering.

Brandon came to BCSS from Nova Scotia when he was 12 years old. Prior to moving from Nova Scotia he collected certificates for completing various levels of sailing courses and he took piano lessons from age five to twelve and completed the Royal Conservatory Level 4.

Two years after moving to the Boundary he began to teach himself blues and rock and roll piano both for fun and so he could jam with friends. His strong work ethic is demonstrated in his daily practice schedule.

Brandon formed a band with three friends at the beginning of 2013. In the summer of 2013 they played a set at the Sky High Blues Festival in Rock Creek.

For the past two seasons he was working at Mt. Baldy as a lift operator or on the volunteer ski patrol.

He took advantage of the Fire Suppression course because it offered him certificates that he didn’t have to pay for. He’s also completed the Heavy Equipment Course.

Through his jobs at the ski hill and last summer at Kettle River Provincial Park he’s been able to buy his own car and motorcycle. “It wasn’t easy making enough money to afford two vehicles insurance, the money to buy them, and the money to fuel them,” he says.

His abilities as an artist have been recognized with school awards when in Grade 10.

He and his family live on Hume Creek Road—in an underground house that they built themselves. Since that time he has helped in the construction of three more for neighbors.

Energy efficiency at its best—the 2,700 square foot house stays cool in the summer and only needs a fire to be lit only a few times each winter.

As part of his exit interview he was asked to pick an inspirational quote. His choice was by Winston Churchill, “If you are going through hell, keep going.”