FROM THE BACK PEW – Walking your talk

Pastor Ed Brouwer dispenses wit and wisdom in his regular column to the Boundary Creek Times.

From the Back Pew header

From the Back Pew header

It’s rush hour and you are at a red light in downtown Greenwood. You are tired, it’s been a long day, and all you want to do is get home. Suddenly the guy behind you honks his horn at you. BEEP! BEEP!

You look at him through the rear view, and look at the light which is still red. So what’s the problem? Again he honks. BEEP! BEEP!

You give him one of those “get a life” looks through the rear view mirror, but he just grins back at you and honks again. BEEP! BEEP!

Now you are mad. What does this idiot want? The light is still red and other traffic is waiting right along with you. So what’s the deal? You conclude that if this guy honks once more you will pay him a visit.

BEEP! BEEP! That is it! No more mister nice guy! You are out of your car and at his window faster than a speeding train! You drag this grinning fool half way through his open window. In your roughest voice you ask this guy what his problem is. The red light has now changed to green and other motorists are getting involved in this “traffic jam”. Then you hear the frightened driver’s reply,

“The bum-um-umper sticker on your ca-ar-ar-ar says “Honk if-if-ifif you-u-u love Je-Je-Jesus!”.

Funny, yet sad. Lets be honest most of us would rather see a sermon than hear one.

On behalf of Christians everywhere I apologize for those times we were the guy with the right “Bumper Sticker” but the wrong attitude.

I cannot express to you enough that we are according to the Bible “but dust”. We humans are weak and pathetic at times. I often wonder if a “t” was left of off the word “but”.

The point is look past people, look above them…. Give the heavens above more than a passing glance, call out the Lord’s name and learn for yourself, first hand that Jesus loves you.