Firsts for van Kuik, Fossen

Boundary C 4-H Club reporter Olivia Schneider keeps the community informed about club activities.

Horse and Beef members had a beef weigh-in

Horse and Beef members had a beef weigh-in

Boundary C 4H members held their annual Speech Night on ­Thursday, March 19 at the Rock Creek Fairgrounds. All went well and they were done at about 8:15 p.m.

­There were about a dozen speeches before supper and after the break they finished off, including the seniors’ impromptu speeches. An impromptu speech is when a member is given a topic and has one minute to prepare a one-two minute speech. ­This is worth 50 per cent of their total score for the evening.

This year’s winners for seniors are: 1st place, Marijka van Kuik; 2nd, Megan Ewing; 3rd, Adele Fossen; and 4th, Sarah MacDonald.

For juniors the winners are: 1st place, Jade Fossen; 2nd, Hannah Harpur; 3rd, Matthias Bergendahl; and 4th, Olivia Schneider. All will likely be going to Speak-Offs in April.

­The nine-year-old members will be doing their speeches at the April 16 club meeting.

A big thank you to our junior and senior judges for the evening: Ed and Judy Brouwer, Elizabeth Windmill, Deb Cusson, Nicole Ferrier and Darren Hutchinson.

Sewing members met before February’s meeting to sew pajama pants for practice. Also on Saturday, March 21, Horse and Beef members had a beef weigh-in, sorting lesson and judging practice at Fossen’s. Afterward they were all hungry so they had beef on a bun for lunch.

Horse members are looking forward to two rides within the next couple of weeks. Lambs are being born right now and sheep members are looking forward to choosing their projects at the end of April. Tickets are now available for the Cattle Baron’s Ball on April 25. If you are looking for a ticket, please contact a 4H member.