Discover Rock Creek puts on Pumpkinfest

No need to cook on Saturday, Oct. 26 as Discover Rock Creek is planning the 2013 Pumpkinfest at West Boundary Elementary.

Albertan Aiyana Thompson

Albertan Aiyana Thompson

Discover Rock Creek continues to roll out the events in one of the oldest communities in the Boundary, but they are running out of room on the 2013 calendar and, therefore, have only two events left to round out the year.

On Saturday, Oct. 26 at 5:30 p.m. “Pumpkinfest” will be held at West Boundary Elementary School. The evening kicks off with supper from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at a cost of $5 per person or $20 per family, followed by entertainment and auction of this year’s “crop” of pumpkins. A fun-filled evening awaits your family.

Sunday, Nov. 24 is the “Community Christmas Light-Up”. Entertainment and “light up” is at 3 p.m. and supper is dished up between 4-6 p.m. Come join us by the fire for a community get-together and kick off to the Christmas season.

“The gang at Discover Rock Creek has had a busy summer building community and wants to thank everyone who volunteered their time and expertise to help put our lovely little town on the map,” said Pat Pownall.

The summer season began with the Vintage Fair and Canada Day parade. Pownall says special thanks are owed to Angela Kitchen and Jeanne Campbell for publicity and organization of the third annual parade.

The farmer’s market, under the watchful eye of Vic Boychuk, was extremely successful through the summer and early fall. Locals and tourists alike kept the Saturday event well attended and viable. Due to the volunteer efforts of the Pownall Construction and Form Rental crew, the community now boasts a covered area to be used at public events.

Food sharing and the food society continue to support those in need—contributing food, comfort, and in some cases transportation. They are currently planting garlic for local use, as well as to sell to support food sustainability in the West Boundary.

In August, Riverfest welcomed crowds of people who helped celebrate our beautiful Kettle River. Prospector Cliff demonstrated the technique of gold panning, Dan Skaros presented an informative session on snakes, and Steve and Susan Ogerman organized a host of entertainers who kept toes tapping for hours. Fredolm Isaac was the happy winner of the $350 awarded to the winner of the barrel race.

The Riverfest grounds were decorated with projects and artwork done by the elementary students under the direction of Nicole Ferrier. The teachers did a brilliant job of leading the children through ways to protect and enjoy our river. These projects were also displayed at the fall fair in September.

John Hibberson was on site with his book The River as well as photographs and artwork pertaining to our river. His slide show, featuring poetry and pictures of the Kettle, was superb.

Once again—mark your calendars for Oct. 26 and Nov. 24 for the two remaining Discover Rock Creek events for 2013.