BLASTS FROM THE PAST April 30 – ‘Unfortunate’ fallen women fined

Chronicles of Boundary Country from the pages of The Boundary Creek Times Volume V, No. 30 – February 25, 1899

Blasts from the past header

Blasts from the past header

➤ Fines for Fallen Women – In a letter to the editor, a concerned citizen wrote the following: “The city replenished its coffers on Saturday last by pulling up all the poor unfortunate fallen women before the magistrate and fining them. Now, Mr. Editor, I think that when the city fathers lower themselves to do this, they lower themselves to the level of those poor unfortunate women.”

➤ Flying Rocks – “Those having charge of excavating in the business centre must exercise more care, or serious injury is likely to result. This week flying rock from the excavation for the Rendell Block went through the Bank of Montreal window. Another blast fired near Mr. Law’s store knocked a large quantity of canned goods off the shelving causing considerable loss.”

➤ Health Matters – “A city growing as rapidly as Greenwood is, without any sewerage system, and whose only water supply are the two creeks running through it, is always in danger from fever. Now is the time to fight fever germs that lurk in unsanitary back yards and in other quarters. In the fight against filth and dirt, and sanitary indifference, it would be well for the chief of police to round up some of the worst culprits. A city scavenger should also be appointed, someone who would devote all his time in the work of keeping the city clean.”

➤ A Bonded Warehouse – “Rendell & Co.’s bonded warehouse is the first and only stone building in Greenwood. It runs back into the hillside (where Government and Dundee Streets meet) and is to be used to store all kinds of wines, liquors and cigars. Bonded privileges were granted to the firm about a year ago. Mr. Stuart is the Inland Revenue Officer under whose supervision the liquor is taken from the building.” (ed. – the front part of the building still exists)

➤ Sunday Dinner at the Windsor – The Windsor Hotel in Greenwood advertised the following Sunday dinner menu: Oysters from New York and California; Consommé and Imperial Soups; Baked Halibut, maître d’ hotel; Boiled Leg of Mutton, sauce piquant; Breast of Lamb, a la jardinière; and much more.