A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE – Jan. 16 — Junior girls excel

Do you, like me, feel outsmarted by your smartphone?

I didn’t get a full-blown article in the about the BCSS Junior girls basketball team this week. I simply didn’t come into possession of enough facts to stretch anything out long enough to be an article.

But we can pass on that Jess McLean, Alex Metcalf and Olivia Baia were named as player of the game in the matches BCSS played last weekend in a tournament. Way to go!


I was surprised to see the prime minister in Israel on the television news earlier this week. One would have thought with all the questions about expense accounts and misappropriated taxpayer dollars and such swirling around the PMO these days someone in authority would have cautioned him not to leave the country.


Whenever I hear someone lamenting the sad, sorry state of today’s youth I am reminded of the following quote.

“Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.”

That was written by a guy names Socrates. The jury is still out on whether this proves that youth haven’t changed or if maybe just the older generation—still complaining, just like they always have.


I finally joined the modern age and bought a smartphone. I’d been thinking of it for a while—I figured there had to be some reason so many people have them—they must be useful—right?

The boss made a comment over the holidays that tipped me in favour of getting one. He said that the plans were pretty inexpensive these days and they even give you the phone for free.

Free stuff! Who can resist that?

Plus, he said, you can get your email anywhere – anytime. These smartphones do some really amazing stuff now. Need to know the weather in Wichita, Kansas? Just ask it.

The first morning I went to work at the Greenwood office with it I turned it on and it immediately provided me with some handy (?) information. It told me I was 12 minutes from home (Midway) and the traffic was light.

The advantage of getting my email anytime 24/7 seems to have gone over my head.

I know for a fact it gets my mail at all hours —because it beeps every time a new email or text message comes in. That was neat for a day or so—now it’s just plain annoying.

It was aggravating at first trying to type on this thing. Then I found out you can talk to it and it will type what you say. That’s cool. Maybe I am supposed to be learning how to use it instead of complaining about it.

Of course learning about this phone is a real hit and miss thing too. The “manual” that came in the box was about the same size as two squares of toilet paper. And I am not talking about the size of a book—like height and width—no I am talking about a single piece of paper about that size that was supposed to launch me into a future of smartphone bliss.

I’ll get the hang of it. I’ll keep trying.

In the meantime—for those who need to get in touch with the local media—dial me up or text me at 250-528- 0045. Let’s see if this can be a tool in better newspapering or not.

Take care of someone who loves you ….