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Brandi’s offers sweets and treats

A new business for Greenwood offering a unique and retro candy store as well as pet supplies & Acana, Riplee’s Ranch and Orijen pet food.
Charlene Bateman was so anxious to get Brandi’s Sweets & Buddies Treats open that she did the soft opening on New Year’s Day. The store specializes in retro and unique candies. They are also suppliers of fine pet food and other products for your furry friends.

If the determination to get down to work and start tackling the job is in any predictor of success, then Greenwood’s newest business—Brandi’s Sweets & Buddies Treats—should do very well.

New Years’ Day is a day of rest for most, but Charlene and James Bateman wanted to get their store open as soon as they could. But they didn’t want a big fancy opening, just a soft opening that would bring in a few customers. Contact with customers is vital because, to a large extent, what they put on their shelves will be what their customers ask for.

Charlene describes the shop (located at 264 Copper) as a store for hard-to-find candies and a pet store all in one location.

They can source a candy that you remember from your childhood, as long as it is still being made. Charlene helped one customer who couldn’t find the candy they were looking for because it had changed its name some years ago.

Brandi’s Sweets & Buddies Treats is also an opportunity to discover some sweets you’ve might never have heard of, but are on the shelf because other customers have recommended them.

Some very interesting and unique Japanese candy now in stock might prove popular with some Greenwood residents. Charlene did promise hard-to-find candies and treats; and to prove up that claim she offers four flavours of edible crickets. If the crickets don’t appeal then perhaps you can wait a couple of weeks for the larva to arrive.

Back to more traditional fare, she also carries chocolates and candies from the States—stuff that you can’t get here. They have candies from England—toffees and fudge—also German and Turkish candies.

The Gummy Bears section is open, and Charlene plans to expand it further too.

It’s not all sugar though. Flavoured banana chips are one alternative in stock now, and a full line of diabetic candy is due in by this weekend. They are also planning to bring in a line of Disney clothing

A separate room in the store features pet supplies, treats and food for anything from hamsters or fish to dogs and cats.

They sell pet products, including high quality food for dogs and cats. Acana from Grand Prairie, Riplee’s Ranchfrom the Fraser Valley and Orijen, also out of Alberta.

Both Charlene and James were originally from B.C. She says she took the family to Saskatchewan a couple of years ago, but a week of -45 C temperatures last winter convinced them they should move back.

They have lived in Greenwood since May and Charlene says she is really happy here. She is active in the community, currently serving as co-president of the PAC at Greenwood Elementary. She’s also volunteered at the seniors’ centre, occasionally calls bingo and is joining the volunteer fire department. James was one of the workers on the project that put a new façade on the A-Frame. “Greenwood is where we plan on having our grandkids come visit us when we are grandparents,” she declared.

Charlene hopes that good customer service and the recommendations of satisfied patrons will help the Brandi’s Sweets & Buddies Treats continue to build their inventory and become a stable source of income for the family. They welcome special requests and orders.

“We price ourselves according to other candy stores we have visited or researched—or below that,” Charlene said.

They are looking forward to taking the shop through its first twelve months with plans in the works for both Valentine’s and Easter. “Next Christmas is going to be fun,” Charlene said.

They are open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. During winter they will be closed on Sundays