Women’s coalition hosts support group

A 12-week Boundary Women's Coalition workshop starting in mid-November with the goal of assisting women who have experienced abuse.

Making Connections is a programmed support group for women who have experienced abuse.

The program was created by the Canadian Women’s Federation and the BC Women’s Health Centre. Local facilitators from the Boundary Women’s Coalition (BWC) underwent training with the Women’s Health Centre.

BWC is offering this 12-week support group, which will begin on Nov. 18, running from 12:30 – 3 p.m.

Speaking on behalf of the BWC, Heather McLeod said the location is yet to be determined—either Rock Creek or Grand Forks. “Most likely in Grand Forks,” said McLeod. “If there are women in the West Boundary willing to travel assistance for fuel costs can be made available.”

McLeod explained the group is to offer an opportunity for women who have experienced abuse to receive support from other women who have experienced similar situations.

“There is a healing process to the program that we provide—to help them understand the link for how they’ve coped and some of their health problems or mental health issues that have developed.

“From what we’ve seen people really haven’t taken the time to look at the impact of what they’ve lived.”

McLeod cautions it is a group that helps them understand what they have been through. “It really looks into abuse and people share their stories and it is painful,” she said. “But this process is getting and the idea is getting some healing and come out better on the other end.”

Making Connections is open to women of all ages. If you are interested in learning more, or would like to sign up, contact McLeod at 1-855-441-3131 or 250-442-3131.