Mayor Candidate: Nipper Kettle running in City of Greenwood

City of Greenwood: Kettle, Nipper - Council Candidate

Nipper Kettle

My name is Nipper Kettle; I have been involved in Municipal politics since 1993. We retired and invested in Greenwood in 2010. In my first year as a Greenwood resident I attended most of the regular meetings of council because I was anxious to learn more about the community we chose to call our home and the challenges we face and decided to run for Mayor and was elected in 2011. I am a doer, a positive person and fully committed to the city and once I start something I see it through to the end, follow up is the key to progress. I have been an active member of this community serving as YOUR Mayor, Regional District director, Health board, BOT liaison, BCRCC liaison, Greenwood Economic Development Committee, and the Heritage Committee boards and many other committees of council. I am proud supporter of our volunteers, seniors and local merchants. I have the time, the energy, the persistence and the commitment required to do the job. I am a person who is big on following up and finishing what I have started as was evident in the successful recruitment of a new doctor to meet our health care needs. This past three years has been challenging at times but there were many positive results accomplished and there is still much to do with your endorsement and support.

Challenges are what I thrive on and solutions are the results of those challenges. I take the position of YOUR Mayor very seriously and will work hard for you the people, who have entrusted me with the office of Mayor. I feel 20 years of connections is a huge asset to bring to the table especially when applying for much needed grant funding.

November 15th. Re-Elect    Nipper Kettle YOUR Mayor– Experience counts