Deer shortage spurs second meeting

Concern by local hunters over proposed hunting regs have prompted them to call a meeting.

Local hunters are concerned enough about the proposed open season on antler-less white tail deer that they are holding their second meeting in less than six weeks to look for ways to get the government to change its’ mind.

Tomorrow night – Friday, January 10 at 7 p.m. in the Kettle Wildlife Hall in Rock Creek.

The Kettle Wildlife Association sponsored a meeting last November that brought out nearly fifty to hear retired Grand Forks guide outfitter Barry Brandow speak out against the hunt.

Brandow maintains that in management units 12, 14 and 15 of Region 8 the white tail doe season must be cut back or eliminated.

He said the province has a mule deer recovery program, which calls for the reduction in the white tail herd because it is felt that the white tail will become the dominant species in the area.

He was referring to the Kootenay-Boundary Mule Deer Management Plan. The plan calls for the continuation of the antlerless white-tailed deer across the region for the next three years to limit population increases.

The plan cites studies that show white tail deer herds are attracting predators, with a consequent fall in mule deer population due to cougar predation.

While the province is advocating an open season on white tail does, local hunters are arguing there are none left to be found in the backcountry.