BYELECTION 2016: Jim Nathorst

Jim Nathorst is a candidate in the City of Greenwood 2016 byelection

Jim Nathorst

My name is Jim Nathorst.

I was born in Creston, B.C. I have been married to my partner Richard for 20 years. Together we have five children and six grandchildren.

Most of my professional career has been with two school districts: SD #86 (Creston/Kaslo) (1975/81) and SD #62 (Sooke) (1981/03).

During my tenure with SD #62, my position was facilities supervisor. I supervised a staff of approximately 200 and was responsible for over $100 million in new construction and renovations during my career. I was also co-chair for all the contract negotiations for CUPE.

Ric and I moved to Greenwood in 2007 after purchasing the Copper Eagle. In 2008 we purchased the Pacific Hotel, renovated and opened the Pacific Grill in July 2008.

In 2009 we sold the Copper Eagle and in May 2016 we sold the Pacific Hotel. Since 1998 Ric and I have bought and sold four successful businesses.

I have been a member of the Greenwood Board of Trade since 2007, serving as president for five of those years. I am also a director on the Boundary Country Regional Chamber of Commerce, representing Greenwood. I also chair the Greenwood Historical Committee and helped secure a $15,000 grant for upgrades to the Supreme Court chamber in city hall.

What I would like to see for Greenwood:

• Balanced budgets

• Minimum tax increases—tied to inflation.

• Team approach to problem solving.

• Zero dollars spent on lawsuits—that should be resolved with negotiations.

• A bold program to highlight why Greenwood is a good choice for families and seniors to live.

• Set up a program to develop a vibrant downtown.

I would be honored to be your councillor on June 18 and ask for your support.