Youth assist at cemetery

Members of the Borderline 4-H Club having been helping clean the Rock Creek cemetary this spring.

Gravestones and markers have been opened to the sunlight again in the Rock Creek Cemetery as many lilac bushes that had overtaken the plots were taken out with the help of the kids and leaders from the Borderline 4-H Club and Cannon Excavating.

The six members of the Borderline 4-H Club have been busy this spring helping clean the Rock Creek Cemetery.

Leader Jodi Klein was out with a bunch of the kids earlier this month. They had already put in time over four days helping take out lilac bushes that had overtaken several of the gravestones. One section of the property with only a few graves dating back to 1915 was almost totally grown in according to cemetery committee member Mary Cannon.

Area E (not including Big White) and the City of Greenwood belong to the cemetery function that sets aside an amount of money each year to be used for cemetery maintenance.

The 4-H club was working for money that would help them complete their sheep projects this year. Cannon Excavating in Rock Creek donated backhoe and other equipment as an in-kind contribution.

“The 4-H kids are doing it,” Cannon said when she was asked the most important part of this story. The 4-H sheep club uses the funding to help pay their expenses to attend the two fairs in the fall.

Cannon was careful to point out that there is no regularly scheduled care of the cemetery. “Families are supposed to come in and look after their own gravesites,” Cannon said. “Come in the spring and rake and burn … it would be really good.”

Over by the gateposts, Heinz Kreuzer from Midway was working putting stone pillars in place. Cannon said a new fence along the road similar to the one that Greenwood installed last year would complement the beautiful new gate constructed by Greg MacDonald, designed by Ann Rexin.

Other Rock Creek residents serving with Cannon on the cemetery committee are Ann Rexin, Vicky Feist and Margaret Eek.