Seniors’ working group forms

A seniors’ residence in Greenwood by the fall of 2020 is the goal of The Greenwood Improvement Society.

A working group was formed with the intent of having a seniors’ residence built in Greenwood by the fall of 2020. A special meeting of The Greenwood Improvement Society moved the project one step closer to reality.

The Greenwood Improvement Society (TGIS) Seniors’ Residence Working Group was formed at a special meeting of the society on Tuesday, March 31 at the Greenwood Museum.

TGIS president Fred Marshall presented the terms of reference as a general guideline for the group. The work is based on a feasibility study/ needs analysis report prepared by Margaret Steele.

The task as defined in the terms of reference is, “To do whatever is necessary to realize the construction and operation of a Senior’s Facility in and for Greenwood. Goal for completion of the task is early 2020—latest fall 2020.”

It was agreed Dennis Radford would be chairman for the group and Steve Hollett would be cochairman. Ciel Sander would be asked to take the position as secretary.

Other working group members are Gerry Cooper, Jim Nathorst and Colleen Fraser.

The society acknowledged a letter, dated March 19, 2015, from the City of Greenwood indicating the willingness of the city to give TGIS property legally known as Plan Y 70 SDYD for a seniors’ residence.

Future direction of the Working Group was defined to include: the group would periodically report to TGIS and would be responsible as the liaison with the citizens and the group would be responsible for a business plan, fund raising, site selection, engineer/geotechnical evaluation, drawings, etc.

The Working Group will call a community public forum to be held with Margaret Steele to discuss the feasibility study and other possible site locations.

TGIS will support the Working Group with available funds.