Rock Creek gets ready for Christmas

Nighttime travellers driving through Rock Creek will be welcomed with Christmas tree lights thanks to Discover Rock Creek.

Hot soup and a place by the fire kept everyone warm at the 3rd annual Discover Rock Creek Christmas tree light up.

The temperature was crisp and the fire inviting at the third annual Rock Creek Christmas light-up last Sunday evening at the Rock Creek Market grounds.

Festivities included music by the Singing Kettles and Willy Floyd, a poetry reading by Monika Boychuk and the following penned by Pat Pownell:

Christmas is a bridge

We need bridges as the river of time flows past.

This Christmas let us create happy hours as a bridge to tomorrow

while reliving the memories and traditions of yesterday.

Let us celebrate our community, our neighbors and friends and let

us be grateful for our freedom, safety and plenty.

Let us work together to bear each other’s burdens, ease each other’s

loads and fill empty hearts with the generous gifts of friendship and

a helping hand – because above all we are community.

Happy holiday season everyone.