Hugs and Slugs – Mar. 20

If you have a hug or a slug, simply email with your short quips, compliments or complaints.

Slugs to the Village of Midway for dropping the Community Futures WiFi proposal in favour of Shaw Go WiFi.  Instead of catering to our many visitors who use Telus, Rogers, or any other provider, they choose to become a marketing arm for Shaw!

Hugs:  Dan Price from Emcon for repairing the cattle guard as soon as he was made aware of the damage.

Hugs: To Tina Feist for coordinating the KWA Wildlife Banquet again this year.

Slugs: To those who accept responsibility for being a member of the human race. These are the ones who get involved and speak up when bad stuff is going down.

Hugs: To all the teachers and support workers who make public education work. Enjoy the break!

Slugs: To men who use their fists against their wives or any other female.  Real men wouldn’t stoop that low!

Slugs: To the weatherman for this snow! Enough already!

Hugs: To Jennifer Waygood for sharing the story of her struggles with epilepsy with the community.

Hugs: To Viviene Browne and the Kettle River Seniors for the workshops that they have brought to the West Boundary.

If you have a hug or a slug, we’d like to hear it. We will print the anonymous submissions for all to see. Be honest, but all we ask is that you keep it tasteful. Editor’s discretion will always be exercised. Simply email with your short quips, compliments or complaints; or you may drop them off at 318 South Copper Street in Greenwood.