Lyme Disease

In this March 24, 2017 photo, a tick is displayed in Plainville, Mass. The prevalence of tiny crawling bugs that can carry Lyme disease is higher than ever in most of Canada this year, a leading tick researcher says, with the most ticks found in Ontario and Nova Scotia. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Connors/The Sun Chronicle via AP

Experts expect bad year for ticks as disease-carrying bugs expand range in Canada

Researcher says climate change means each tick season will likely be worse than the last


This March 2002 file photo shows a deer tick under a microscope in the entomology lab at the University of Rhode Island in South Kingstown, R.I. Lyme disease has settled so deeply into parts of Canada many public health units now just assume if you get bitten by a tick, you should be treated for lyme disease. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP/Victoria Arocho

Online map tracks B.C.’s high-risk Lyme disease zones

About 1 in 100 ticks carry Lyme disease in B.C.


Incidents of Lyme disease remain low in B.C., but the BCCDC is remaining vigilant in their tracking of potential for infections across the province. (Paul Connors/The Sun Chronicle via AP)

The BCCDC needs your help identifying ticks and limiting Lyme disease

A new app called eTick can help identify tick species and the risk of Lyme disease