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MAY 9 LETTER: Capital tax will negatively impact

In its financial platform, the provincial NDP has announced its intention to apply a capital tax to B.C. Credit Unions.

MAY 9 LETTER: Wear purple for Lupus on May 10

Lupus, Systemic Lupus Erythermatosus (SLE), is one of the over 100 kinds of arthritis.

FROM THE BACK PEW, MAY 9: 'Word decay'

Reckless words are like a sword. Proverbs 12:18; He who holds his tongue is wise.

A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE MAY 9: A sigh is just a sigh ...

Men and women interpret sighs totally differently. What is it about when a guy does a sigh and when his wife does a sigh.

Boundary Creek Times May 9 Editorial: Forget zombies

Ever since being introduced to the ecosystem in the '80s, zebra and quagga mussels have been spreading.

May 2 Letter: Liberals cannot be trusted

The BC Liberals said they would not sell BC Rail, then did anyway.

A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE MAY 1: Up close and personal with the herd

Getting the pictures of the 4-H Ranch Horse Club was a lot of fun.

Boundary Creek Times May 2 Editorial: Better than the option

Only two of the five local Boundary-Similkameen candidates got their names and party affiliations on the ballot in a reasonable manner.

May 2 Letter: Think before you vote

“Think before you vote” is indeed a critical action point. One has to be careful for what you wish for.

Editorial: Violence needs to stop

The response to the Boston marathon bombing was swift, effective and appropriate.