Talk to my lawyer

If adopted, a program offered by the Legal Services Society may help fill a gap in professional services for Boundary residents.

It isn’t breaking news that the Boundary —especially the West Boundary is under serviced by professionals— including lawyers.

That leaves people uninformed and lessens the

likelihood they will be dealt with appropriately by the

legal system.

The Legal Services Society (LSS) has been talking to the Boundary about the possibility of signing on to their Community Partners Program as a way to help.

Education is the key and the Community Partners Program can help fill the gap by providing the information and someone capable of helping wade through it all.

Greenwood resident Cathy Riddle came to Midway council last week to ask them if they would be willing to administer the contract with the LSS on behalf of the Boundary.

Riddle estimates that the LSS funding would be enough to cover one legal advocate working one day per week and she suggested the position could be shared between available office space in Midway and Grand Forks.

She said that currently when local families are dealing with child custody issues it is almost impossible to find a legal aid lawyer locally and they are often referred as far away as Cranbrook or the Okanagan.

“It is very complicated, very hard on families and this advocate could help the people navigate their way through that.”

She said the Community Partners program could provide safety for kids and raise awareness among people who need some legal aid assistance for whatever matter— “and we could do it from right here in Midway.”

The matter was deferred to the next council meeting when full council is at the table and village staff was directed to see if Greenwood and Area E would be willing to help out.

A good idea —let’s hope something comes of it.