Settle strike, agree to arbitration—do something!

A parent urges the government to get students back in school or else face defeat in the next election.

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An open letter sent to MLA Linda Larson:

My son is a special needs student at Boundary Secondary in Midway. This is his last year of school. This teachers’ strike is seriously affecting both his present and future well-being.

I find it unbelievably hypocritical of your party to fail to reach a settlement with the teachers. I believe your party will lose your [court] appeal, you have lost twice already. I think that you are trying to starve the teachers out in order to force them to give up a position the courts have stated they are entitled to.

I also believe if it was your child’s education and future on the line, you would take a different course of action. Your party seems to have no problem giving yourselves a raise, I recently read Christy gave her bridesmaid a $30,000/year (roughly 16 per cent) raise; however, you slash education funding and force public sector employees to accept below cost of living increases.

Nowhere in all your rhetoric do I see mention of all the wages you are paying to CUPE employees who can’t work because of the picket lines. This strike is costing far more than a settlement would.

I’m not sure what level of education you have or what sort of qualifications you bring to the table, but it seems to me that you make far more than the average teacher, have a much easier job, better pension, and a lot less stress in your life.

I have never before been very political. Other than voting regularly I have not been politically active but all that is about to change. I will be actively campaigning against your party in the next election unless you people do the right thing and settle this strike immediately. I may not have a lot of clout; however, I can make sure, absolutely sure, that at least 10 people who have never voted before will vote against you.

I will also start a challenge on Facebook similar to the ice bucket challenge to ensure that other people do the same.

Perhaps to you we are the “great unwashed” but we ordinary working people are the ones who really pay the bills. This is an issue that resonates strongly with the working class who can’t afford a private education for our children and I think that unless you resolve this issue soon it will be remembered come election time.

I feel that your $40/day in lieu of an education shows a lack of respect of the intelligence of the common person and is a slap in the face to every student in the province. Is $40/day what an education is worth?

Perhaps us common folk need to start protesting in front of your fancy private schools, or, since it affects our home lives, perhaps in front of YOUR HOUSE. This BS is affecting families all across the province and negatively affecting our youth.

Please do the right thing. Settle the strike, agree to binding arbitration, legislate them back, something.

For crying out loud do SOMETHING for all the money we pay YOU.

Joe Turgeon, taxpayer and pissed off parent, Greenwood