June 27 Letter: Woodlots benefit both community and youth

President of the Boundary Woodlot Association sends an open letter to Midway Mayor and President of the West Boundary Community Forest.

An open letter to Midway Mayor Randy Kappes from George Dore, President of the Boundary Woodlot Association:

Mayor Randy Kappes.

Its good to see that you are in favour of convincing young people (i.e. future families) to stay and make a living in our Communities!

It is my opinion that one of the best ways to do this (at least in the Boundary) is thru providing a solid base of long-term contractual-type employment and commitment such as Woodlots and, depending on the Licensee, to derive extra value and income from the forest products available thru personal investments.

Community Forests may only be a ‘teaser’ re employment for many folks, as CF’s do not guarantee local jobs, nor maximize other values from our local timber resources (our ‘Crown Jewels’, so to speak) as family ownership can.

Woodlots provide a foundation of long-term commitment that can provide assurance for ‘up and coming families’ to invest their futures in our rural communities.

Since Midway and Greenwood now have their ‘dream CF’, is it not perhaps time to acknowledge that many more ‘new’ Woodlots (and possibly another CF in the East Boundary) will also be greatly advantageous to our community and young folks?

Your public support in this matter would be greatly appreciated, especially from the younger people!

In most cases, young people have no hope or understanding of entertaining the concept of managing a piece of land or forest, nor making a decent living from it.

There is no better feeling, rest assured, from those in the know!

Respectfully, George Dore

President, Boundary Woodlot Association