Dismissal makes us question widsom

A couple from Maple Ridge weigh in with a character reference letter on behalf of Greenwood Councillor Barry Noll.

My wife and I have been big fans of the smallest city in Canada for over 20 years and would often travel down from Penticton for pie and antiques.

We would fill up with gas and do our best to help support this struggling little city. So many vacant businesses with for-sale signs, with little prospects of a sale. In later years we would camp in the city campground even though it did not seem secure at night.

Barry Noll seemed to us that he was a one-man Greenwood promoter when he drove up to our camper and introduced himself. So when he became a councillor we felt the city had made a great choice and the future was assured. He understood that the future was in promoting Greenwood’s grander past. Articles and photos in your paper of Barry at your local events, visiting soccer events, Founder’s Day parade and fair, and who could forget the TV coverage of the best water in the world!

We promote the city whenever we get the opportunity.

Barry’s dismissal could not have hit us any harder than if we were in residence. I do not know why he was dismissed but the way it was done leaves me questioning the wisdom of council!

Yours Truly,

Fans of Greenwood,

Connie and John Mitchell,

Maple Ridge, BC