Boundary fortunate to have Ajaero

Local doctor is praised and urged to remain in the Boundary by colleague

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My name is Dr. Mike Figurski and I recently filled in for Dr. Ajaero in Rock

Creek, Greenwood, and Grand Forks. I have been practicing medicine for over 20 years and doing locum work in many locations most of that time. I am also the full time doc at Big White. I would like to thank Doreen, Bonnie, and all the ladies at Boundary Medical Clinic in GF for one of the most efficient and inclusive medical practices I have ever had the pleasure to work in. I am impressed that the citizens and volunteer groups in these areas have established a modern and accessible medical service in a sparsely populated under-serviced rural area.

I found the patient medical information systems to be coordinated and comprehensive, and the care given by Dr. Ajaero to be of very high quality. There are detailed and well thought out clinical notes, and consistent follow up.

I should mention this level of service is almost unheard of for communities of this size. At a time where much larger populations (Logan Lake, Princeton, Clearwater, Merritt, and others) are struggling to find doctors, the Boundary is fortunate to have a dedicated and professional physician in Dr. Ajaero.

I hope he continues to serve you area for many years to come.

Mike Figurski,


(“Dr. Mike”), Big White