August 15: Baird needs to fulfill commitment

An open letter to Regional District of Kootenay Boundary Area E Director Bill Baird.

LTE header

LTE header

It is now more than three months since you met with us (May 1, 2013) to discuss the matter of the $15,000 grant-in-aid (2012) to Buckin’ Hens Entertainment Association.

We left that meeting repeatedly assured by you that the fence panels, ostensibly purchased with the grant money, would be returned to the Rock Creek and Boundary Fair arena. You stated that it was your understanding and intention that the grant was for panels that would be for use at the fair arena.

Surprise, indignation and concern were your reactions on learning that the panels had been removed.

The 2013 fair is now less than six weeks away. The panels have not been returned. Enquiries concerning progress on your promise made at the meeting (and over coffee afterwards) have remained unanswered.

The five-person, one-family, nonprofit society in receipt of the $15,000 grant of taxpayers’ money is not assisting the fair.

We are relying on you to fulfill your commitment.

A prompt and satisfactory response to this letter is essential.

Mary Lautard, Tom Haines,

Falko Tilgner, Bill Bosovich,

Louise Fossen, Norma Tilgner