APRIL 11 LETTER: Full inquiry on BC Rail sale needed

“Ethnic-gate” was terrible. “BC Rail-gate” is worse.

“Ethnic-gate” was terrible. “BC Rail-gate” is worse.

In 2012, the BC Liberals admitted that they possessed documents to pay $6 million legal bills for Dave Basi and Bobby Virk.

We still don’t know what happened that led to the $6 million in legal fees for Basi and Virk.

Why was the legislature raided? What happened when BC Rail was sold to CN?

Why does Christy Clark not produce the documents regarding this $6 million payout?

We get one public lie after another. Christy Clark is involved with her brother Bruce Clark (found by RCMP to be involved in David Basi files), with Erik Bornmann, a star witness in the Basi-Virk trial, Patrick Kinsella, a Gordon Campbell backer, with ex-husband Mark Marissen, who did work with the bidding company, and Gordon Campbell when he was premier while he was deputy premier. All were involved in the sale of BC Rail.

We need a full public inquiry on the process on the sale of BC Rail, Christy Clark’s involvement in it, and the $6 million payout for Basi-Virk.

The public has waited 10 years for these answers. The public owned BC Rail. It is our right to know what happened.

Gladys Brown, Midway