A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE – Remember the Pinto?

The hot weather seems to have put our columnmist in an intolerant and opinionated mood.

This hot weather has me believing that maybe the global warming thing was all bunkum.

On some of the more conservative networks you can still find big business oriented politicians and think tank suits who claim that global warming isn’t real, or that there is no definite proof that it’s man-made, etc.

I am beginning to halfway agree with them – maybe global warming isn’t real. Maybe what we are dealing with would be more aptly named ‘global-getting-really-darn-hot-around-here-already’!

I’ve been sticking so close to my air conditioner  that I’m starting to get cabin fever. I guess I am what you might term a conflicted Canadian.

I bought one of those new fangled towels that are supposed to keep you cooled off when they are wet. Some kind of technology in what looks like a regular cloth towel makes it some considerable cooler than the surrounding air when it’s wet.

It works—I just hope it doesn’t have some weird untested chemical that’s going to make me grow an extra nose or something.

That seems to be a fundamental flaw of this mania to consume we call our economy—they just flip stuff out on the market and let the chips fall where they may.

Sometimes they even crunch the numbers and decide it’s cheaper to pay off these victims of the marketplace than to pull the product. Anybody remember the Pinto?

Some days you just can’t decide whether you should hire a lawyer or shoot a lawyer—both known to be costly manoeuvres.


The government’s credibility on dam inspection got washed downstream with the sludge in the Mount Polley Mine tailings pond breach on the weekend.

The bottom line two years ago in the debate over the Providence Dam at Marshall Lake was who would take responsibility should anything happen. Since no one with big enough pockets came forward to assume that responsibility the dam was drained and decommissioned leaving a smaller body of water and a much different experience than what many locals had come to see as their backyard.

It will cost a lot of money to make whole the people who lived downstream from the Mount Polley Mine tailings pond.

Let’s hope everyone who holds a piece of the responsibility this time around has enough cash to make it right.


Speaking of taking responsibility for fulfilling your mandate, it’s about time someone reminded the province that the residents of the province pay their school taxes with the expectation that schools will in fact be open for the students.

This $40 per child daily payout to keep the kids home is outright dumb.

While there is a very real need for affordable day care in the country this ad hoc shovelling of education finances off the back of the truck isn’t the way to get it done.

Where we need these kids to be is back in the classroom come September. While they are there they can learn some useful skills and perhaps one day go on to become doctors or dam safety inspectors or such.