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Your new SD 51 school principals and safety tips from the RCMP

Tips to keep your children safe as they begin a new school year
The principals and vice principals of School District 51 Boundary are welcoming students back to all their schools this week. Photo Karen McKinley

Schools are back in full swing in School District (SD) 51 Boundary as elementary and secondary students return, or start their next level of education after the summer break.

As they return, SD 51’s administration is letting the public know who the principles and vice principals are for this year in the region’s schools.

At Christina Lake Elementary School, the principal is Shawn Lockhart and vice principal is Morgan Adrain.

Walker Development Centre in Grand Forks has Scott Stewart as its principal.

Shawn Lockhart and Kirsten Rezansoff are principal and vice principal, respectively, at Dr. D. A Perley Elementary.

At Grand Forks Secondary School, Stacey Soffel is the new principal and Jon Dowswell is the vice principal.

J. A. Hutton Elementary School has Peter Scott as principal and Lisa Cairns as vice principal.

Angela Bragg is principal at Greenwood Elementary School.

In Midway, Bo Macfarlane is principal of Boundary Central Secondary School

In Rock Creek, Nick Bond is principal of West Boundary Elementary School. He is also principal at Beaverdell Elementary School.

At Big White Community School in Big White, Scott Stewart is the principal.

As children return to school, here are five topics for parents to discuss with their children this week from Trail RCMP Sgt. Mike Wicentowich.

Walk or Bike Safely: If walking or biking to school, always use designated paths, crosswalks, and wear helmets when biking.

Stranger Danger: Remind them not to talk to or accept anything from strangers, and to always go directly to school or home.

Cyber Safety: Teach them tips about online safety, including not sharing personal information and being cautious with who they interact with on social media.

Bullying Awareness: Encourage them to speak up if they witness or experience bullying, and let them know it’s okay to ask for help.

Emergency Contacts: Ensure they know important contact numbers, like parents’ and a trusted neighbor’s or relative’s.

For parents, Safe Transportation: If driving, make sure car seats are properly installed, and if your child takes the bus, review bus safety rules.

Health Precautions: Stay updated on school health policies, vaccinations, and any necessary medical information.

Allergies and Medications: Inform the school about any allergies or medical conditions your child has, and provide necessary medications.

Emergency Plan: Discuss an emergency plan with your child, including what to do during natural disasters or other emergencies.

Stranger Picking-up: Provide clear guidelines about who can pick up your child from school to prevent unauthorized access.

Regularly discuss safety with your child and keep lines of communication open with their school to ensure a safe and positive educational experience.