School District 51 gets health update at May 14 meeting

Heather Shilton from IH gave a presentation at an SD51 board meeting regarding the Healthier Schools and Healthier Students Initiative.

Heather Shilton from Interior Health gave a presentation at the School District 51 (SD51) school board meeting on May 14, on the Healthier Schools and Healthier Students Initiative.

Interior Health will provide another two years of funding to School District 51 to re-hire a Health Promoting Schools co-ordinator.

ERASE bullying update

Jennifer Turner, SD51’s safe schools co-ordinator gave an update on the ERASE bullying initiative and the Student Violent Threat and Risk Protocol.

Last year the province outlined a reporting tool, called ERASE, which has now been added to every school’s website across the district.

The bullying reporting tool is a way for kids to reach out and get help.

“We had students not only access the tool but also left their name and used it as an appropriate call for help,” said Turner.

As the district’s safe school co-ordinator, she was also involved in drafting a Student Violent Threat and Risk Protocol with School Districts 10, 20, 8 and 51 (West Kootenay partners).

A draft of the protocol has been completed and Turner said next years job would be working with the partners to have a signed protocol across the West Kootenays.

Annual budget discussed, not yet approved

SD51’s 2013/2014 annual budget was an item of discussion, however the board of trustees did not approve a third and final reading of the budget. Jeanette Hanlon, SD51 secretary-treasurer, has balanced the proposed budget by making reductions to teaching staff and one support staff, as well as using monies from the district’s unrestricted surplus. The third reading of the budget must be passed before June 30.

MDI extended for additional two years

The Middle Years Development Instrument is a survey that has been conducted by Grade 4 students throughout the Boundary for the past two years and will now continue for an additional two years.

The board of directors approved the enrollment of SD51 in the MDI program, which looks at social and emotional development, physical health and well being, connectedness to adults and peers, school experiences, and use of after-school time.

Participation costs for the district are $7,000.