River group releases discussion paper

Water Quality and Source Water Protection is the title and the theme of the fourth discussion paper on the Kettle River.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group for the Kettle River Watershed Management Plan has released the fourth discussion paper leading up to the draft watershed management plan this summer.

Water Quality and Source Water Protection: Issues and Strategies in the Kettle River Watershed looks at current knowledge about water quality and source water issues and develops strategies and actions to safeguard human and ecosystem health in the Kettle River and tributaries.

Earlier discussion papers were:

• Towards the Kettle River Watershed Management Plan: A Vision For the Kettle River Watershed

• Working Together: Growing Our Capacity For Watershed Stewardship in the Kettle River Watershed

•Sustaining The Flow: Managing Water Supply and Demand to Support Ecosystem Health and Community Needs

Four years ago the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary began work on a comprehensive plan that would guide the region in future watershed decisions.

The final draft of the watershed management plan will go before the board this fall for approval.

Copies of the discussion papers are available online at kettleriver.ca and you can contact Project Coordinator Graham Watt at plan@kettleriver.ca.