Mary memorialized

A Red Maple tree was planting in the Rock Creek fairgrounds Tea Garden in memory of long-serving treasurer Mary Smith.

The Rock Creek fairground Tea Garden was the setting on Sunday afternoon as a tree was dedicated in memory of long-time treasurer Mary Smith.

Boundary and District Fair Association President Lincoln Blaine and Jim Smith were joined by about 50 other local residents to plant the tree.

Mary passed away last May after a long battle with cancer. Jim, her husband of 32 years, said it was Lincoln’s mother Muriel who got Mary involved with the fair. “I remember in the old house there were lots of planning meetings.”

Blaine said Mary had come from southern Ontario and had been partial to Red Maples so that was the tree chosen for the memorial.

The plaque beside the tree reads: “In recognition of many years of dedicated service at the fair. Each small kindness like a seed grows tall in memory. Rock Creek and Boundary Fair Association September 2013.”

Jim said that Mary had served as treasurer for 17 years. “She was a dedicated volunteer. I can remember her sitting downstairs in the office a week after the fair and her books being out 35 or 40 cents and her going through everything until she would actually find it.

“This is a fine way to honour lifetime members and the grounds sure need trees,” said Jim. “I would like to say thank you very much to the fair board for this – it is quite an honour. She’d be very pleased.”