Landfill fees on the rise

Midway Council news briefs from their March 16, 2015 meeting.

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Landfill tipping fees rising

Midway Councillor Marguerite Rotvold warned council at their regular meeting on Monday, March 16 that landfill tipping fees are increasing. Landfill closure and liability reserve funds must be established for the Grand Forks, Greenwood and Trail landfills, at a cost of $2.2 million over the next four years.

She said the Environmental Services Committee has budgeted $600,000 for 2015—coming from MultiMaterials BC (MMBC) funding, changes to recycling services in Beaver Valley and an increase in tipping fees from $95 to $110 per ton.

Resident wants to retain mobile home zoning

Midway council received a letter from resident Barry Poirier complaining that the rezoning of his lot at 516 Border Place has reduced the chances of his being able to find a buyer for the property.

He said his intention has always been to place a new manufactured home on the lot and that the developing on that lot was done to accommodate a 14’ x 60’ (4.26 x 18.28 metre) manufactured home.

“The positioning of the permitted garage, shed, water, sewer, electrical, telephone and cable are all in and paid,” wrote Poirier. “All these improvements were done at a great expense keeping in mind the zoning at that time, and was done long before the zoning was changed.”

He asked the property to be classified as legal nonconforming to allow the placement of a manufactured home on it. “We were preparing for the future, building a new home on another lot by ourselves. It took three years.”

Council voted to receive and file his letter.

Community Forest deal finally signed

Mayor Randy Kappes told council that the West Boundary Community Forest (WBCF) agreement has been signed, as has a forest management plan with the Osoyoos Indian Band.

He said Vaagen Fibre Canada is managing the community forest and contractors would do the logging.

WBCF will host a public meeting April 14 at 7 p.m. in the Midway Community Hall to let residents know of their plans for the coming year and to get their input.

Village wants more arena funding

Councillor Marguerite Rotvold reported that the regional recreation committee has recommended a $5,000 grant to the Phoenix Ski Hill.

She told them her mandate from council was not to support the motion unless there was an increase for the facilities run by the village (arena, library and museum).Rotvold asked council to give her the go ahead to propose an amendment to the recreation committee budget recommendation that would see the Phoenix Ski Hill grant removed.

They gave her that support and staff will provide her with figures on how much the museum and library cost the village to operate each year.

According to Rotvold, regional recreation currently gives the arena $16,330 annually. But she said if they are going to give $5,000 to the ski hill then they should increase the amount given the arena.

Rotvold said the regional recreation grant to the hill was first given in 2014 and that former Area E director Bill Baird had paid Midway’s share rather than raise the arena funding.