Lake residents lose power

A windstorm brought a tree down onto the power line knocked out power to over 50 Jewel Lake residents lost power last week.

It was an unplugged afternoon for many Jewel Lake residents as power was cut to about 53 customers at about 2:30 p.m. last Thursday, July 18.

The Greenwood Volunteer Fire Department arrived on the scene when smoke was reported rising from a power line, said Michael Allison, corporate communications advisor for FortisBC.

The fire department ensured the area was safe and FortisBC arrived on the scene shortly after to begin assessment and repairs. The cause of the outage was determined to be a tree branch that had fallen across the wires due to winds in the area.

The tree branch began smoking; however, there was no fire.

The branch was removed and power was restored to customers at 6:33 p.m. On the previous day winds in the area had caused an outage for 47 customers due to tree branches on the line.

Jewel Lake resident Mal Logan said the wind on Wednesday had been accompanied by hail 3 millimetres in diameter.