The man was charged with multiple counts of impersonation with intent to avoid arrest. File photo

Grand Forks man pleads guilty to impersonating brother in city traffic stops

The man told a city court he and his brother have since reconciled

A Grand Forks man pleaded guilty to five counts of impersonating his brother in as many traffic stops by city RCMP.

The 46 year-old man admitted he’d used his brother’s driver’s licence when he was pulled over by police on Feb. 24, July 5 and 20, Sept. 17 and Oct. 4, 2019. The accused, who had been prohibited from driving by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, told the court he was driving to work when he was pulled over for various traffic offences. He passed himself off as his brother to avoid arrest, he admitted.

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“I just made a stupid mistake,” he said. “And that stupid mistake just snowballed into even more mistakes — one after another after another — until I was basically just drowning in them.”

Grand Forks RCMP only discovered the fraud when they contacted the accused’s brother, who lives in Kelowna, about outstanding tickets attached to his name.

Judge Robert Brown gave the accused three months to pay five $100 fines; one for each count of impersonation to which the accused pleaded guilty. The accused has been barred from carrying other people’s identification as part of his sentencing.

The accused said he has since reconciled with his brother.


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