Canal Flats mayor wins office by drawing of lots following election night tie

The Village of Canal Flats. File photo.

A new mayor of Canal Flats has been decided by a drawing of lots following a tie at the ballot box during the municipal election earlier in October.

Mark Doherty was declared the winner on Oct. 24 at a courthouse in Invermere, after a Provincial Court judge pulled his name from a box.

Doherty tallied 158 votes on election night, exactly tied with Douglas McCutcheon, who also sought the mayoral seat.

Both candidates agreed that a ballot recount was not needed prior to drawing of names for the winner.

Deciding an electoral result by drawing of lots is stipulated in the province’s Local Government Act, a process that typically follows a judicial recount of the ballots.

In the 2018 election cycle, Peachland mayor Cindy Fortin won election to office following a drawing of lots against challenger Harry Gouch, as both tallied 804 votes.