BCSS starts year with awards

Awards for 2012-2013 scholastic achievement and citizenship were handed out at the end of the first week back to school at BCSS.

Each year the BCSS House Cup is awarded to one of three house teams (the Wolverines

Each year the BCSS House Cup is awarded to one of three house teams (the Wolverines

Boundary Central Senior Secondary staff has opted to hold their 2012-2013 awards ceremony in September instead of June. “It is a great way to celebrate the successes of our students at the beginning of the year and set a positive tone,” said Principal Louise Bayles, who brags about what she calls this small but amazing school.

Scholastic Achievement awards are divided into three categories. The Merit Roll is for students who achieve a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 to 3.49, Honour Roll – GPA of 3.5 to 3.9, and Principal’s Honour Roll – GPA of 4.0 (straight A’s).

Points are awarded for letter grades: A = 4, B = 3, C+ = 2 and C = 1.

“Do we have some kids here who get straight As?” Bayles asks. “You bet we do!”

Merit Roll :

Grade 8: Dustin Baker, Hailey McLaren, Alex Metcalfe, Kiara Stubbs, Tanner Watson, Emily Williamson and Charity Graham

Grade 9: Clinton Boardman, Chyann Dagg, Josiah Danyluk, Adam Gozdzik, Keller Smith and Ashley Vegh

Grade 10: Erin Ray and Sydney Storie

Grade 11: Brandon Millett, Tyler Parenteau, and Joey Rankin

Honour Roll:

Grade 8: Beatrix Balch, Megan Ewing, Jack Fenwick-Wilson, Kaitlen Hancock, Keegan Kappes, Natalia Trembley, Kelsey Turner and Erin Uyeyama

Grade 9: Manasse Baxmann, Shelby Condon, Kim Faminoff, Rachel Geen, Selina Paul, Sam Taktsang and Jade Zitko

Grade 10: Skylar Desjardins and Madison Harpur

Grade 11: Josephine Balch, Julia Baxmann and Rhya Merrell

Principal’s Honour Roll:

Grade 8: Charlotte Hildebrand

Grade 9: Thao Atkinson and Kari Durban

Grade 10: Madeline Baia, Daniela Bergendahl, Daina Shaw

Grade 11: Thinh Atkinson, Anna Danyluk and Joshua Stimpson


Citizenship Awards:

Grade 8 – Erin Uyeyama

Grade 9 – Kari Durban

Grade 10 – Madison Harpur

Grade 11 – Anna Danyluk

Grade 12 – Jennifer Hoffmeister


Lifeskills Practical Arts:

Grade 8-9 – Thao Atkinson


Math and Math Contest Awards:

Jr. – Daniela Bergendahl

Sr. – Jennifer Hoffmeister



Jr. – Daniela Bergendahl

Sr. – Anna Danyluk


PE Awards:

Jr. – Daniela Bergendahl

Sr. – Justin Ovington


Info Technology:

Sr. – Dillon Smith



Jr. – Daina Shaw

Sr. – Jennifer Hoffmeister


Social Studies:

Jr. – Daniela Bergendahl

Sr. – Christina Bergendahl



Jr. – Daina Shaw

Sr. – Daniel Hoskin


Art: Lifeskills Fine Arts:

Gr 8/9 (art and drama) – Thao Atkinson

Senior Acting: Van Atkinson

Senior Fine Arts: Clint Elliot