Our community remembers

An editorial from the Boundary Creek Times staff

  • Nov 17th, 2017

Congratulations on the fall fair!

Thanks to all who made the Rock Creek Fall Fair possible.

Debate of national anthem lyrics is ‘moot’

Making the lyrics more inclusive does not reject tradition, but respects it

EDITORIAL: Take advantage of the local pool

New transportation reimbursements make it easier than ever to get the kids to swimming lessons.

  • Jul 5th, 2017

Boundary Creek Times editorial – Feb. 20: Sessions important

Workshops on suicide prevention and harm reduction and social media and a District Trades Day are being sponsored by SD51.

Boundary Creek Times editorial – Feb. 13: ALC support becoming vocal

There is growing concern around the province about the BC Liberal plans for the Agricultural Land Commission.

#MeToo at work: B.C. women share horrifyingly common sexual assaults
  • 5 hours ago
Average Canadian food bill to rise by $348 in 2018
  • 15 hours ago
Experienced defence expected on Canada's junior hockey team
    Me Too At Work: Sexual assault and harassment in the B.C. workplace

      Boundary Creek Times editorial – Feb. 6: Need for concern

      Changes to hunting regs will no longer require hunters to take firearms training before getting a licence.

      Boundary Creek Times editorial – Jan 16: Strong allegations from Fifth Estate

      "You know we are messed up when librarians start marching" - a sign at an Occupy Wall Street protest. Now the scientists are on the streets.

      Boundary Creek Times editorial – Jan 9: Survey helps

      A survey commissioned by Black Press is intended to help local businesses understand the needs of local consumers

      Boundary Creek Times editorial – Dec. 19: Bless those who give

      The recently released Child Poverty Report proves once again how lucky we are to have each other here in the Boundary.

      Boundary Creek Times editorial – Nov. 14: Battle goes on

      Far too often, especially in rural areas, returning veterans face obstacles to their reintegration into life on the home front.

      Boundary Creek Times editorial – Oct. 24: Imagine that!

      The work on the Kettle River Watershed Plan is important; of equal importance is that we pay attention to it.

      Boundary Creek Times editorial – Oct. 17: Cleanup order a surprise

      Council has forced the issue of finding an alternate site for the Greenwood demo derby - they closed the old one.

      Boundary Creek Times editorial – Oct. 10: First step: honesty

      Indian Residential Schools - The Truth and Reconciliation Commission BC National Event evokes thoughts of the 60's civil rights struggle

      Boundary Creek Times editorial for Oct. 3 – We should be able to live with that

      Sometimes taking ownership and admitting errors can refocus the conversation on moving forward.

      Boundary Creek Times editorial – Sept. 12: Empower police

      If the fear of accident, injury and death won't deter drivers from texting maybe the fear of losing their phone might.

      Boundary Creek Times editorial – August 29: A child’s life is flashing before your eyes!

      With school back in there will be buses and children on the roads going to and from school. Be aware.

      Boundary Creek Times editorial – August 8: Lest we forget

      Nearly seven decades have passed since atomic weapons were used & the world still struggles with the responsibility the bomb places us all.